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Stink Bugs, Stink!

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Stink bug outside. Pest Control Inc in Las Vegas talks about how much stink bugs, stink!

Las Vegas is known for its bright lights, fabulous shows, and gambling. But it’s also home to stink bugs. Stink bugs are known to destroy crops during the warmer months when they’re out in full force. But in the winter they’ll seek shelter indoors. This is why it’s important to take prevention steps now, so you don’t have a big problem later.

Common Stink Bug Problems

While stink bugs do not pose any health risks to humans, they do emit an unpleasant odor when crushed or disturbed. They are also notorious for destroying crops, orchards, and other forms of agriculture, resulting in monetary losses.

Tips to Prevent Stink Bugs

Stink bugs are able to survive a wide range of temperatures and their odor attracts even more pests. Below are some tips you can try to help prevent stink bugs from invading your property.

  • Seal cracks, holes, doors, and windows using caulk or sealant. Also, pay close attention to chimneys and utility pipes. Keep in mind stink bugs can fit into gaps that are around 3 mm wide.
  • Reduce lighting on your property. Stink bugs are attracted to light, especially during the winter because they see is at a source of warmth. So we recommend paying close attention to the light sources near entry points, like porch lights.
  • Cut off food sources. Stink bugs like to feast on fruits and vegetables so keep your food in airtight containers and bags. Also, keep gardens away from your home.
  • Inspect any bags, boxes or luggage before you bring it into your home. Stink bugs can hitch rides into your home these ways.

If you find a stink bug in your home, the best way to quickly remove it without dealing with its odor is to vacuum it. Just remember to toss out the debris immediately after to prevent an infestation.

If you do have an infestation, contact a professional, like Pest Control Inc. Eliminating stink bugs can be difficult and unpleasant. Pest control technicians will inspect your home, identify the problem, and remove it safely and effectively.

Stink Bugs, Stink! in Las Vegas and Henderson NV

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