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Earwig Extermination, Control & Removal

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There are 22 different earwig species in the United States and over 1,000 species across the globe. Earwigs are one of the biggest nuisance pests in Nevada, and while it’s a myth that these pests get into your ears to tunnel to your brain, they can do damage to your plant and vegetable gardens. Earwigs will also enter homes through small cracks and scavenge for food if given the chance.

Experts in Earwig Pest Control

Earwig extermination, control & removal services are helpful if you have a constant earwig problem on your property, especially if you have house plants, a garden, or landscaping. While earwigs are known to eat harmful plant insects like aphids, they’ll also munch on your plants themselves, especially seedlings. Contact Pest Control Inc at (702) 228-4394 for a free estimate on earwig pest control. We serve the Las Vegas and Henderson NV area.

Preventing an Earwig Infestation

Although earwigs can bite, they rarely do. They also don’t spread any harmful diseases. But it’s still important to have a pest-free home. To help prevent earwigs from getting inside of your home or business, here are some helpful tips.

  • Inspect the outside of your home
  • Seal up all cracks in your foundation and walls using a silicone-based caulk
  • Reduce moisture
  • Trim back vegetation
  • Hire a professional earwig exterminator to provide exclusion techniques

If you do see an earwig inside, you can sweep it up or vacuum it. These typically mate in early fall and will produce anywhere between 30 to 55 eggs.

What to Look for an in Earwig Exterminator

The following list shows what customers should look for when shopping for earwig extermination, control & removal services:

  • Years of service. Pest Control Inc is a family-owned-and-operated pest control company that’s been serving the greater Las Vegas area for over 20 years.
  • Reputation. We hire the best technicians to serve you, and continuously upgrade their skills with thorough product knowledge and application training by certified experts.
  • Guarantees. With Pest Control Inc, your property will be protected from pests 24/7. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with our service, we will return to make it right or we will refund your last service payment.

These are just a few things you should look for when hiring an earwig exterminator to take care of your earwig infestation. Many customers want to get a feel for a company before they hire them. That’s where our free consultation comes in handy. Above all, it’s important your earwig problem is resolved after your first visit.

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Earwig Extermination, Control & Removal in Las Vegas and Henderson NV

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