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Stink Bugs

Halyomorpha halys

Actual Size: 1.7 cm

Characteristics: Typically brown or gray in color.  They emit a distinct odor when disturbed or crushed.


  • Originally brought to the United States from Asia in the late 1990s.
  • Stink bugs are able to survive long periods of hot or cold conditions.
  • They feed primarily on fruit and other vegetation, and are known for destroying crops.




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Pest Description

Stink Bug Behavior

Stink bugs eat mostly fruit and vegetation, and use a proboscis to perforate the surfaces of fruits. This creates a necrotic dimpling in the fruit, and can possible spread plant pathogens. Stink bugs are huge agricultural pests in every area they can be found in.

Stink bugs are able to survive a wide range of temperatures, but as winter approaches, they seek shelter indoors. This is typically when infestations occur. During warm summer months, stink bugs are known for reproducing and infesting outdoor spaces in overwhelming numbers.

Problems Caused by Stink Bugs

Indoors, the obvious problem is the “stink” these insects emit after being disturbed or crushed. Outdoors, stink bugs are notorious for destroying gardens, orchards, and agricultural fields. While these bugs are not aggressive towards humans, their presence in a home or yard can be a major inconvenience, resulting in monetary losses on farms and other commercial agriculture areas.

Stink Bug Prevention

Inspection of all property areas is the first and best step toward preventing these pests. Any possible cracks or openings should be sealed at once, and windows, doors, and siding should be continually monitored for access points. If an outdoor infestation has already been confirmed, it’s also best to call a professional pest control expert, as they can advise on any remaining access points that should be considered and fixed.

Eliminating and Controlling Stink Bugs

Eliminating stink bugs can be difficult and unpleasant. Using a vacuum can help to prevent their odor from spreading, but the vacuum bag should be tossed immediately after to avoid the odor from contaminating the entire building. If an infestation has taken hold in an outdoor or indoor space, it’s best to call a pest control professional who can advise on the appropriate steps to eliminate and prevent future problems with stink bugs. At Pest Control Inc, our experts implement eco-friendly pest removal strategies to treat and permanently resolve stink bug issues.


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