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Lepisma saccharina

Actual Size: 13 – 30mm

Characteristics: Silver, light gray, or blue. They are incapable of flight, have six legs, and also have antennae.


  • Silverfish are nocturnal. They also avoid light.
  • They are known for their fluid, wiggling movement. It resembles the way a fish moves.
  • Silverfish prefer carbohydrates and sugary substances. They will also eat drywall mud.
  • They typically inhabit damp, urban, dark areas. They prefer high humidity.
  • Silverfish are commonly found in basements, bathrooms, and attics.




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Pest Description

Silverfish Behavior

Silverfish are extremely fast runners on horizontal surfaces, and move in a fish-like wiggling movement. In addition to eating carbohydrate-based food sources, silverfish also consume cellulose, photos, plaster, glue, dandruff, hair, clothing, coffee, fabrics, and dead insects. Silverfish are extremely hardy insects, and they can live a year or more without eating. Silverfish reproduce rapidly, producing 30 – 60 eggs at a time.

Problems Caused by Silverfish

Because silverfish can consume a wide variety of food, materials, household items, and clothing, they can become a serious pest concern. They also reproduce fairly quickly, meaning that if one silverfish is discovered, there are most likely many more in hiding. Once an infestation has taken root, any potential hiding places must be eliminated and destroyed, to prevent any even bigger infestation. Silverfish are determined scavengers, and have the ability to penetrate seemingly impenetrable spaces.

Silverfish Prevention

Proper cleaning of the building environment can significantly reduce the chance of a silverfish infestation. Reducing clutter, sweeping or vacuuming regularly, and storing food appropriately are all part of the basic prevention method. Silverfish will appear in any indoor or outdoor area that has been abandoned or remains neglected, particularly in locations where food is stored improperly.

Eliminating and Controlling Silverfish

Silverfish eat an incredibly wide variety of food, and they’re capable of causing serious damage to human environments. The best approach to eliminating and preventing future problems with silverfish is through professional help. An organized, experienced approach is the most appropriate means of stopping a silverfish assault. At Pest Control Inc, our pest control professionals resolve Silverfish infestations using a variety of different treatment techniques including inspection, removal, and liquid applications.


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