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Genus: Lithobius 

Actual size: 18-30mm

Characteristics: These reddish-brown insects are known for their segmented bodies and many legs. Adults typically have fifteen sets of legs. Also known as garden centipedes, stone centipedes, brown centipedes, or common centipedes.


  • Prefer to live under stones, bark, or leaf litter.
  • Centipede larvae will start with just seven sets of legs, and molt up to fifteen times to gain their adult bodies.
  • Garden centipedes are found throughout North America, though they were originally native to Europe.




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Pest Description

Centipede Behavior

Known for their many legs and quick movements, centipedes prefer to live in dark, moist places. Generally, centipedes choose to live under cover, such as stones, bark, or leaf litter. They are mostly active at night, and are known for their quick and fluid movements.

Problems Caused by Centipedes

The centipedes found in North America are typically not poisonous or even able to bite humans. There are species that can cause extreme physical reactions in humans that have been bitten, but these are mostly found in tropical climates. Centipedes can cause some people psychological distress.

Eliminating and Preventing Centipedes

The best way to prevent centipedes is to avoid giving them a habitat that mimics their outdoor preferences. Cleaning up clutter, old boxes, and making sure any crawlspaces or closets are cleaned thoroughly are all excellent ways to avoid centipedes. They prefer damp spaces, so ensuring the cleanliness of a basement or garage area is important as well. If an infestation has occurred, it’s best to call a professional. At Pest Control Inc, we use a variety of different treatment techniques, including surveillance, baiting, and exclusion solutions.


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