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The Problems with Mice

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Rodent with cheese. Pest Control Inc in Las Vegas NV talks about the problems with mice.Mice are troublesome pests. They’re nocturnal for the most part so they scour for food while we’re sound asleep. And they travel in between walls, in pipes, and other unoccupied areas so we typically don’t see them. Mice are not only quiet but they’re also very small and very quick so they often go unseen. All of these factors can make it hard to know if you even have a mouse problem.

Mice are Destructive

Mice have sharp teeth that they use when creating nesting materials. They will chew through wood and sheetrock ruining the integrity of your home. It’s also not uncommon for mice to chew through cardboard boxes, paintings, furniture, documents, and any other personal belongings you may have.

A common and dangerous problem with mice is the fact that they chew through electrical wires. If a mouse chews through your wiring, this can cause appliances to short out. It can also create a fire hazard. Exposed wiring can spark and lead to fires. In fact, nearly ¼ of house fires with unknown causes are believed to stem from rodent damage.

Mice destruction doesn’t end there. It’s very common for mice to chew their way into your appliances and your HVAC system. This not only damages your systems but also exposes your family to mice dander and waste as it contaminates the air.

Mice Carry Diseases

While mice can cause a lot of physical damage, what may be worse is the potential health risks affiliated with these rodents.

  • Bacteria: Mice are full of bacteria and it’s not uncommon for them to spread E. coli or Salmonella, causing you to get very ill.
  • Parasitic Worms: When mice roam through trash or other dirty places, they can pick up parasitic worms and transfer them into your food products, leading to severe intestinal illness.
  • Fleas: mice are commonly infested by fleas. Flea bites are not only irritating but fleas can also transmit several diseases including the well-known Bubonic plague.
  • Ticks: Ticks are another common pest that infests mice. Ticks can spread Lyme disease, and Colorado Tick Fever to name a few.

Quality Mouse Control

Once a mouse enters your home, it can cause many problems. And if you have one mouse, it’s very likely you have more. Female mice can have a new litter every 60 days or so. Mice are intelligent and resourceful so eliminating them can be quite difficult. This is why we recommend anyone with a rodent problem to contact a professional pest control company, like Pest Control Inc. Certified exterminators know a lot about mice — their behaviors and habits included. They’ll inspect your home, eliminate the rodent problem, and help prevent you from having mice problems in the future.

The Problems with Mice in Las Vegas and Henderson NV

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