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Are You Inviting Rodents into Your Home?

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Rat on piece of wood. Pest Control Inc serving Las Vegas NV answers the question are you inviting rodents into your home, and offers tips to prevent a rodent infestation.Are you constantly dealing with rodent problems? Many homes are repeat targets for infestations. Rats and mice can damage your home and belongings, contaminate food and countertops, and spread diseases through direct and indirect contact. If you’re finding yourself in what seems to be a never-ending battle with rodents, read more. In this blog post, we’ll talk about ways you can help prevent a rodent infestation from ever occurring.

How to Rodent-Proof Your Home

The best way to avoid a rodent infestation in your home is prevention. With a little bit of cleaning and caulking, you can help stop these unwanted guests from entering your home. Below are some easy tips for keeping mice, rats, and other rodents out of your home.

1. Block Entry Points

Remember, rodents can fit through the smallest of spaces. Mice can fit through holes the size of a dime, while rats can fit through holes the size of a quarter. So, inspect the exterior of your home and look for cracks, holes, and other openings in your home that a rodent could use to gain access into your home, then properly seal them. Use masonry repair material for foundation cracks, and silicone-based caulk for gaps in your siding, including where utility lines enter your home. Additionally, you’ll want to apply weather stripping to your windows and doorsills and a rodent guard if you have a garage.

2. Remove Bird Feeders

Seeds, nuts, and grains that are used for most bird feeders are a great treat for rodents too. You’ll notice this with the rat’s cousin, the squirrel. We recommend you remove bird feeders from your property but if you must keep one, at least keep it away from your home.

3. Keep Trash Cans Sealed

Garbage cans kept near your home will attract rodents and other pests, including raccoons. Store your trash cans away from your home and ensure they are tightly sealed with airproof lids.

4. Store Food in Airtight Containers

In addition to your trash receptacles, you’ll also want to use airtight containers for your dry food products. Rodents can easily chew threw most cardboard boxes and bags that store sugar, flour, and cereal. If you keep these goods in airproof containers, rodents won’t be able to smell it and will have no incentive to infest your home.

5. Practice Good Housekeeping

Uneaten food left on the counter or crumbs of food on the floor creates an open invitation for rodents to invade your home. Keep your countertops, dining table, and floors clean. Additionally, if you have pets, you’ll want to remove any uneaten food of theirs as well.

6. Trim Back Hedges

Have shrubs or trees near your home? Low shrubs can create an ideal environment for burrowing. Also, keep in mind some rodents like Roof Rats are very skilled climbers. Oftentimes, they’ll jump from branch to branch to gain access onto your roof and into your home.

7. Remove Wood Piles and Debris

In addition to landscaping, rodents are also attracted to woodpiles, rock piles, and abandoned equipment. Clean up any debris piles you have on your property and if you keep firewood, we recommend you store it at least 2 feet off the ground and at least 20 feet away from your home.

Expert Rodent Removal

With these tips, you can have a rodent-proof home in just a few hours. However, if you already have a rodent infestation, you’ll want to seek the advice of a certified pest control company. Rodents are smart and oftentimes hard to remove. They also multiply rather quickly. Pest control technicians understand rodents and their behaviors. They’ll be able to inspect your property and safely eliminate your rodent problem for good.

Are You Inviting Rodents into Your Home? in Las Vegas and Henderson NV

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