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What Pests Cause the Most Damage to Your Home?

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Las Vegas NV neighborhood - Pest Control Inc, serving Las Vegas NV and Henderson NV explains what pests cause the most damage to homes.If you fall victim to a surprise infestation, nuisance pests could be causing all kinds of damage to your residence before you even realize it. Many pests such as cockroaches, termites, carpenter ants, and rodents are recognized for their obnoxious destruction to properties year-round. 

While some pests tend to chew on wires and insulation, others excavate through wood–leading to immense damage. Preventing infestations before they begin or catching them early is your best defense on keeping your property safe from pests.

The Dangers of Wood-Destroying Insects

Wood-eating pests aren’t commonly thought of as threatening, or dangerous to homeowners, but the damage to one’s property can be devastating. Infamous for their appetite for wood, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, and termites, are well known for burrowing deep into structures of wood to make channels of nests near their food source. These wood-gnawing insects may not make their presence as obvious as you may think when invading your home. Signs like small holes drilled in the same area, or tiny sawdust-like droppings on the floor, could be signs your home is infested.

5 Pests That Can Damage Your Home

  1. Nuisance wildlife: Nuisance wildlife will usually nest in your home if near a reliable food source. These include areas like your attic and crawl space. Raccoons alone will probably scavenge through your garbage for food, while squirrels will chew on insulation and wires.
  2. Rats & mice: Not only do rats and mice gnaw on electrical wires and insulation, but they also contaminate anything they scurry over.
  3. Cockroaches: Cockroaches are mostly known for chewing through fabrics, wallpaper, and furniture, however, they do carry and spread detrimental diseases.
  4. Fire ants: Infamous for their painful bites, fire ants are actually dangerous to more than just homeowners. These pests have a liking for electrical fields and tend to nest in electrical boxes and HVAC units.
  5. Beetles: Powderpost beetles aren’t dangerous to people, but they can cause severe damage to your home and anything made of wood.

How to Prevent Damage From Pest Infestations

Stopping an infestation before it gets out of hand can be tough, but it isn’t impossible, especially with the help of a trained professional. If your property is currently suffering from a troublesome pest infestation, Pest Control Inc is here for you. Our pest control technicians are ready to relieve your infested home from any unwanted pest you’re facing. With a focus on exceptional customer service, our trained professionals are knowledgeable about the remedies needed to eradicate your home of pests. Don’t hesitate if you’re experiencing an out-of-hand infestation, reach out to Pest Control Inc today!


What Pests Cause the Most Damage to Your Home? in Las Vegas and Henderson NV

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