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Common Pests in Las Vegas

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Cockroaches in home - Pest Control Inc. explains the common pests in Las Vegas NV.Las Vegas is a gorgeous place to live, but it’s not immune to pests. Scorpions, cockroaches, and a host of other pests are happy to share a zipcode with you.

It’s important to recognize which pests are most likely to invade your home so you can help prevent an infestation and know how to treat it if the time comes.

So keep reading to learn about the pests you might encounter in Las Vegas.


Ants are everywhere. They’re the number one nuisance pest in the country. They’re attracted to everything from crumbs and pet food to water leaks and dirty dishes. But in Las Vegas, property owners also have to watch out for carpenter ants. These ants are bigger than sugar ants and excavate wood which can cause structural damage over time.


Cockroaches are nocturnal pests that are attracted to food, moisture, and dark areas in our homes. They’re known to spread diseases and exacerbate allergy symptoms. Unfortunately, cockroaches are resilient. Not only can they survive without air for up to 40 minutes, but they can also survive 10 times the radiation than a human can.


Roof rats, also known as black rats and ship rats have slender bodies, long tails, and pronounced noses. These rodents get their name from their tendency to dwell in high areas such as roofs. They will nest in attic walls and other upper parts of buildings. Once inside, they will gnaw on any material they find, including electrical wiring. Rats are carriers of disease and can transmit diseases through physical contact, bites, and fleas they may be carrying.


Scorpions are a frightening reality for people in Las Vegas. With their painful stingers and large colonies, they can be problematic for homeowners. The most common scorpions you’re likely to encounter include Giant Hair Scorpions, Striped Tail Scorpions, and Bark Scorpions–the latter being the most venomous. Scorpions seek shelter in dark, moist places and may take refuge in cabinets, shoes, boxes, and more. Because scorpions don’t respond to regular pest control, you’ll want to seek out an exterminator who specializes in scorpion removal.

Pest Control in Las Vegas

Dealing with a sudden pest infestation can be stressful, especially when the pests are dangerous. If you encounter a pest in your Las Vegas area home, turn to your local pest control technicians, such as Pest Control Inc to solve the problem quickly and efficiently.

Common Pests in Las Vegas in Las Vegas and Henderson NV

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