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Rasberry Crazy Ants (Tawny Crazy Ant)

Nylanderia fulva

Actual Size: 3mm

Characteristics: Also known as the “Tawny Crazy Ant”. Covered in light-brown to reddish-brown hairs.


  • Rasberry crazy ants are known for their highly erratic movements.
  • They are attracted to electrical equipment, far more than another other type of ant.
  • Nests are small, shallow, and interconnected with other nesting sites.
  • Rasberry crazy ants will build a nest almost anywhere near moisture.
  • They are classified as Scavenger / Predators, feeding on sugary substances, protein sources, and small live animals.




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Pest Description

Rasberry Crazy Ant Behavior

Rasberry crazy ants are an invasive species, displacing even the formidable fire ant. Colonies consist of multiple queens, typically with interconnected satellite nests. They prefer to build nests near moisture, and also prefer already-existing voids. Rasberry crazy ant nests have been found in potted plants, stumps, and in random piles of debris.

They are both predators and scavengers, capable of eating a wide variety of food sources. They prefer sugary substances, especially the honeydew produced by aphids, but swarming Rasberry crazy ants have also been known to eat small live animals.

Problems Caused by Rasberry Crazy Ants

Rasberry Crazy Ants are an invasive, ecologically-destructive species. Their large swarms can completely displace native ant species, disturbing other animal species that subsist on the native ants. The foraging behavior of Rasberry crazy ants frequently leads them into human dwellings, where they can begin to become a huge nuisance. Because they have a system of connected nests, if even a single nest is established indoors, a mega-colony can develop within months.  Rasberry ants are drawn to electrical equipment in a manner that defies scientific explanation. They have been found in televisions, stereos, the backs of computers, and other appliances. They don’t just live in electrical equipment, but they also chew through insulated wires, causing electrical shorts.

Preventing Rasberry Crazy Ants

The prevention of a Rasberry crazy ant infestation is complex, and not always possible. Proper food storage and controlling garbage areas can help prevent a problem from starting. Reducing clutter, eliminating standing water, and trimming plants away from the house can all help as well. All cracks in foundation walls, slabs, window, and doors should be sealed. A colony discovered outdoors should be eliminated as soon as possible, preferably by a professional. Rasberry crazy ants, if given the chance, can spread very quickly.

Controlling and Eliminating Rasberry Crazy Ants

Rasberry crazy ants can cause significant damage as they build their nests, either indoors or outdoors. Once they gain access to a structure, the damage is nearly uncontrollable. A professional needs to be called as soon as a nest is found outside, and preferably before the colony gets a chance to move inside.  This species is difficult to deal with, and extensive knowledge of the Rasberry crazy ant is necessary for a successful elimination. At Pest Control Inc, we use a variety of different treatment techniques, including surveillance, baiting, and exclusion solutions.


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