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Why Professional Pest Control is Important

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Happy family in home. Pest Control Inc talks about why hiring a professional pest control company is important in Las Vegas NV.No one wants pests in their home — or entire property for that matter. But even a well-kept home is not immune to pests. Pests can be attracted to homes even if they’re tidy and clean. While some pests may make their presence known, others may be hiding in your attic or crawlspace. That is why it’s important to hire a pest control company when you have some unexpected visitors you want evacuated.

The Problem With DIY Pest Control

At the first sign of pests, many people initially turn to do-it-yourself methods. While these methods may be inexpensive, they aren’t effective. Say you’re adding essential oils or bait traps around your home. The pests go away and your problem is quickly solved — or so it appears. The problem with DIY pest control is:

  • They may send/spread your infestation elsewhere in your home
  • If you’re using traps or essential oils they may be hazardous to pets and children
  • These methods have to be re-applied often
  • They only hit the tip of the iceberg, not the root cause of the problem

When these methods fail, a person typically tries, again and again, wasting time and money in the long-run. When you hire a pest control company, a technician will inspect your home, find the source, and properly remove the pests safely, effectively, and for good.

Pests Pose Health Hazards

Some pests are known to be carriers of diseases that are dangerous and even deadly to people. Rats and mice can carry Hantavirus, mosquitoes can carry Zika and West Nile Virus, ticks can carry Lyme Disease, and cockroaches can carry Salmonella. It’s impossible to know whether a pest in your home is a carrier or not. That’s why it’s important to err on the side of caution and have a professional pest control technician eliminate those pests quickly.

Pests Can Cause Damage

Pests like pigeons, rodents, and depending on where you live, termites, can cause a significant amount of structural damage to your home as well as your belongings. Rodents like rats and mice will chew through anything they sink their teeth into including sheetrock, wood, upholstered furniture, and family heirlooms. Rodents will also chew on electrical wires, putting your home at risk of a fire. The uric acid in pigeon waste can destroy roofs and painted surfaces.

Create a Less Stressful Life

A pest-free place is a happy place. Whether you have ants or cockroaches, a pest infestation is unnerving. With a professional pest control company, they take away all that unnecessary stress. Many also offer year-round or seasonal inspection and treatment plans to ensure your home is safeguarded from pests.

Why Professional Pest Control is Important in Las Vegas and Henderson NV

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