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What’s Bugging You This Spring?

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Wasp on plants. Pest Control Inc serving Las Vegas NV talks about what may be bugging you this spring. Spring in Nevada is one of the best times of the year to enjoy warm and comfortable days and cooler evenings. It’s also a time when many pests begin to emerge and invade our yards and sometimes our homes. This blog post will look at the pests that might bug you this spring season in Nevada.


Ants are a comment home-invader, especially in the spring. If you see these pests in your home, it may be a sign of a much bigger problem. You’ll want to inspect your crawlspace as well as any gaps in your home. Some ants sting while others may feast on your home’s foundation.

Stinging Insects

Nevada is full of stinging insects from yellow jackets and wasps to bumblebees and scorpions. Some are more aggressive and can be dangerous to humans and pets. So if you see a wasp nest near your home, stay away from it and contact a professional. As for scorpions, you’ll want to avoid walking barefoot around your home. If you’re doing yard work, it’s best to wear long pants, boots, and gloves.


Cockroaches, like rodents, are nocturnal pests, so you may not notice you have a cockroach problem until your home is overrun by them. There are several different cockroach species in Nevada — some may sometimes fly. Cockroaches pose health risks to humans and they are often difficult to get rid of. This is why if you have a cockroach problem, you should contact a pest control company immediately.


In Nevada, we have Jerusalem Crickets. They can grow to over 3” long! If Jerusalem Crickets invade your home they’ll munch on fabric items as well as any food products they find.


Nevada is home to many spider species, larger sized ones and smaller ones that carry venom including Camel Spiders, Black Widows, and Brown Recluse spiders. Spiders like dark, secluded areas where they will go undisturbed and feed on insects like ants, mosquitoes, and flies. To help make your home less inviting to spiders, avoid clutter and remove other existing pests from your home.


As mentioned above rodents like mice and rats are nocturnal creatures. Some like to stay low while others are skilled jumpers and climbers. One thing they have in common — these pests can squeeze into small spaces and invade your home, chewing on pretty much anything that comes in their path. Rodents also pose significant health concerns. They not only carry viruses and bacteria but they can also spread fleas infected with more viruses. Seal cracks and crevices that lead into your home, install door sweeps and trim shrubbery back to help prevent rodents from gaining access into your home.

If you come across any of these pests in your home or business, take action right away before the problem gets worse and these pests multiply.

What’s Bugging You This Spring? in Las Vegas and Henderson NV

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