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Are Spiders Really Dangerous?

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Are spiders really dangerous? Pest Control Inc provides Las Vegas NV with spider extermination

A lot of people are understandably frightened by the sight of a spider in or near their home. Because there are so many types of spiders, it can be hard to determine whether the one you’ve spotted is dangerous or harmless. Although they can look menacing, very few spiders are large enough or venomous enough to cause serious harm to humans. Most spiders are actually helpful in controlling other unwanted pests inside your home or in your garden, making them environmentally valuable. However, there are two dangerous spiders to be aware of that dwell in warm, southern climates and are quite common right here in Las Vegas: the black widow and desert brown spider.

What Spiders Can Hurt Me?

Black widows and desert brown spiders are two types of biting spiders that are of particular concern to both humans and pets. They are most commonly found in warmer climates such as that of the areas surrounding the Mohave Desert. Knowing how to identify these spiders is essential to keeping you and your family safe from ever having to worry about a bite.

  1. Black Widow: These female spiders are easily identifiable with their shiny black bodies and signature red hourglass mark on the back. Black widows typically build webs in areas with a lot of debris outdoors where they hope to be undisturbed. They are especially aggressive when they are defending their eggs, which is typically when a bite may occur.
  2. Desert Brown Spider: Cousin to the well-known and feared brown recluse spider, desert brown spiders prefer quiet, undisturbed locations with warmer climates. Although they prefer the outdoors, they still can be found scampering somewhere dark inside a property. They are only aggressive if they are threatened, in which case they may bite.

What Happens if I’m Bit by a Dangerous Spider?

In the rare case someone is bit by a black widow or desert brown spider, the symptoms can be treated. Black widow bites are capable of causing fever, sweating, nausea, stiff limps, and severe cramps. When bitten by a desert brown spider, redness can form around the site of the bite and can even lead to a blister or skin lesions. Although symptoms sometimes go away on their own, it’s always crucial to seek medical attention when you notice the signs of a venomous spider bite. Bites can be particularly dangerous for children and pets, and should be taken very seriously.

Professional Control for Dangerous Spiders

At Pest Control Inc., we understand why spiders strike fear in the heart of so many homeowners. While most are harmless, there may be times when dangerous spiders have made their way into your home. We have more than 20 years of experience, making us the leaders in spider control in Las Vegas. If you spot a black widow or desert brown spider inside your property, don’t hesitate to call us for a free consultation!

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Are Spiders Really Dangerous? in Las Vegas and Henderson NV

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