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Signs You Have Ants

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When warm weather arrives, ants will emerge to seek food and establish new colonies.
These tiny nuisance pests can contaminate your food (and damage your home in the case of carpenter ants).

With ant colonies ranging from the hundreds to the thousands, ants can be extremely difficult to eliminate. This is why it’s important to recognize the signs of an infestation early on.

If you spot any of these signs of ants in your home, it’s best to contact a pest control company to ensure they’re eliminated.

Stray Ants

Ants are generally most active at night so you may not see them in your home during the day. However, if you have a full on ant infestation, you may spot scout ants wandering about often in unexpected areas such as your bathroom or basement.

Exposed Food Overrun by Ants

If you have a large ant infestation, your food may be vulnerable unless they’re stored in airtight containers. Look for crumbs, exposed leftovers, and even pet food that is overrun by ants. Some ants can chew through cardboard, so even some pantry products may be at risk.

Ant Nests

Ants will travel around 700 feet away from their nest when foraging for food. So if you spot small mounds of dirt on your exterior walls or yard, that’s an ant nest.

Wood Damage

Carpenter ants, like termites, destroy wood. If you see damaged window sills, warped flooring, or damage around your baseboards, you may have carpenter ants.

Experts in Ant Control

Ants are social pests. They live in large colonies with hundreds or even thousands of ants. In fact, for every ant you see, there’s likely 9 more hiding nearby. If they’ve made their way into your home, they could become a serious problem.

If you have concerns about ants, contact the team at Pest Control Inc in Las Vegas, NV. We only use premier products and environmentally friendly solutions to eliminate and control ants, termites, and a host of other pests. Give us a call today for your free personalized estimate!


Signs You Have Ants in Las Vegas and Henderson NV

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