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Genus: Bombus

Actual Size: 0.4-0.9 inches

Characteristics: The coloration of a bumblebee is typically in contrasting colors, and they are known for their “fuzzy” appearance.


  • Bumblebees are large and generally clumsy fliers.
  • They are the second-best pollinators.
  • Bumblebees are a social, non-aggressive bee.
  • Only female bumblebees can sting, and it is very unlikely.
  • Hives consist of one queen, with around 50 total bees.
  • Bumblebees feed on nectar.




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Pest Description

Behavior of Bumblebees

Bumblebees are large, non-aggressive, and social, with small nests that typically contain less than 50 bees. Most colonies have a single queen, and she prefers to nest in old rodent burrows, tree stumps, and other hollow voids. Bumblebee nests are made out of grass and light, dry materials, and workers will chew and carry nest material back to the site. All workers and drones in the nest will die at the end of the summer, with the exception of the queen.

Bumblebees, despite their loud buzz and large size, are unlikely stingers. These bees are clumsy fliers, slowly ambling from flower to flower. They are the second best pollinators, following only after honey bees. Bumblebees are a crucial part of any ecosystem, and they should not be killed, except for extenuating circumstances (for instance, to avoid an allergic reaction).

Problems Caused by Bumblebees

All bees are beneficial insects because they pollinate flowers and eliminate other harmful insects, but bumblebees are exceptional pollinators, second only to honey bees. Bumblebees should never be killed unless absolutely necessary to avoid an allergic reaction. This is a primary reason to call an experienced pest control professional who can evaluate a hive and determine the best way to treat it.

Identifying the type of bee and it’s potential threat to surrounding areas is the second reason to call a professional. Without proper identification, it can be extremely difficult to determine the best course of action, in regards to the ecosystem and also safety.

Preventing, Eliminating, and Controlling Bumblebees

Any stinging insects can cause serious pest problems, especially in a high-trafficked area, or when an allergy is a serious concern. In the specific case of bumblebees, a professional is needed to treat the bees without simultaneously harming the environment. At Pest Control Inc., we use a three-step process to resolve stinging insect issues: inspection, treatment, and follow-up.


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