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Cockroach Prevention Tips

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Cockroach on side of bathroom sink. Pest Control Inc. offers cockroach prevention tips to homeowners in the Las Vegas area.Having a cockroach infestation is not only unnerving, but these pests pose significant health concerns. Cockroaches can contaminate food through their saliva, droppings, and their bodies. In fact, they’ve also been known to deposit Salmonella on food items they run over. Cockroaches can also leave a disturbing odor throughout your home. Fortunately, there are several ways you can help prevent cockroaches from entering your home.

1. Maintain Cleanliness

Cockroaches gravitate to areas that are unsanitary and that provide a wide variety of food. So having a clean home, especially your kitchen is your first line of defense. Put food away in tightly sealed storage containers, wipe down cupboards, counters, and floors daily, and make sure no crumbs are present. Keep your kitchen sink clean as well. Don’t leave dirty dishes in it. Also, throw out your garbage regularly. You may also want to consider cleaning smaller appliances like your toaster and microwave.

Cockroaches will also eat non-food items including, dandruff, glue, and paper. So it’s important to clean other rooms in your home as well. And if you have pets, you may want to move or seal their dishes and litter boxes at night.

2. Address Potential Entry Points

Cockroaches have flat bodies. They can fit into small cracks and crevices to gain entry into your home. So walk around your home and inspect it for any potential entry points then have them properly repaired. This includes cracks in your foundation, broken shingles, and underneath doors.

3. Manage Any Moisture

Moisture also attracts cockroaches. They’ve been known to colonize in bathroom and kitchen drains. If you have any broken pipes or leaky faucets have them repaired.

4. Reduce Clutter

Cockroaches communicate with each other by letting off pheromones. If they’ve found a great place that provides safe shelter and an abundance of food and water they’ll tell others about it. Anything from old boxes to piles of books or paper can serve as a breeding ground for cockroaches so be sure to clean out any clutter you may have.

Types of Cockroaches in Las Vegas

In the Las Vegas area, we commonly see four types of cockroaches: the American Cockroach, the Brown Banded Cockroach, the German Cockroach, and the Oriental Cockroach. To learn more about each type and their different characteristics take a look at our cockroach informational page. There you’ll also find helpful photos to help identify which pest you may be dealing with.

Get Professional Help

A cockroach infestation can become troublesome very quickly. So it’s best to contact a professional if you’re noticing signs of cockroaches in your home. At Pest Control Inc we have several treatment methods we can use. We’ll first inspect your home, determine the best course of action then eliminate those pests quickly and effectively. So contact us today if you’re experiencing a cockroach infestation in your home or business.

Cockroach Prevention Tips in Las Vegas and Henderson NV

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