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Do You Need a Bed Bug Inspection?

Serving Las Vegas | Henderson | North Las Vegas

Pest Control Inc offers comprehensive bed bug inspections and treatment plans in Las Vegas NV.

Worried that you might have a bed bug infestation? It’s important to act fast, so they don’t spread any further! Bed bugs will infest any part of a home, including beds, living room furniture, pet kennels and beds, and any other fabric surface!

Pest Control Inc. provides expert and professional bed bug treatments, including inspections. If you suspect bed bugs, contact us today! We’ll schedule an inspection of your home for signs of bed bug activity.

Our bed bug inspections are thorough.

Our inspections focus on key areas of typical bed bug activity, including:

  • Bed(s)
  • Box spring(s)
  • Headboard(s)
  • Furniture
  • And other areas in the bedrooms and living areas that may harbor bed bugs.

What should I do before my bed bug inspection?

We provide a Bed Bug Preparation guide that will help guide you toward getting rooms ready for inspection. When you prepare your home before our walk-through, it allows us to inspect all areas thoroughly, and without distraction or obstacle. It also helps the inspection conclude faster! Without proper preparation, there may be additional charges.

What happens when you find bed bugs in my home?

When we find evidence of bed bugs, we’ll go through an extensive process to make sure they’re completely eliminated. Here’s a breakdown of our typical bed bug treatment process:

  1. Mattress(es) will be vacuumed, followed by a treatment with Cryonite or a Steam Machine.
  2. Box spring(s) will be vacuumed, followed by a treatment with Cryonite or a Steam Machine.
  3. The box spring(s)will then be treated with a residual chemical application. Dust cover underneath will be removed.
  4. The bed frames will be disassembled and treated with Cryonite or Steam, with a residual treatment where applicable.
  5. The headboard(s) will be removed where present, and treated with Cryonite or Steam, followed by a residual treatment.
  6. Surrounding furniture and fixtures including night stands, dressers, pictures and other room furniture will be vacuumed then treated with Cryonite or steam (where applicable), followed by a residual treatment where applicable.
  7. The perimeter of the room and some wall voids will be treated with a residual product.
  8. Mattress and box spring encasement(s) are installed if purchased.

All surrounding bedrooms and living areas will then be treated as above.

  • Other items in infested rooms will be examined for bed bug activity and treated as necessary.
  • Upholstered furniture will be carefully examined, vacuumed, and treated. If heavily infested, such furniture may require disposal.
  • Services are documented as to the location of infestations, areas treated, and observations.
  • A follow-up inspection of infested rooms/areas may be necessary within approximately (5) business days to confirm success of treatment.

Does Pest Control Inc. offer a warranty on bed bug treatments?

Depending on the protections you select, we offer 30-day, 90-day, and 1-year warranties!

We recommend our bed bug protections so you can avoid bed bug infestations in the future. It’s crucial that they are placed in your home at the time of treatment, so your protection can be ensured.

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