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Preparing for Bed Bug Treament

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Pest Control Inc offers comprehensive bed bug inspections and treatment plans in Las Vegas NV.

Properly preparing for bed bug treament is essential to ensure the complete control of any bed bug infestation. There are a certain amount of bed bug prevention steps that should be taken care of prior to the technician’s arrival to make sure your home or apartment is properly inspected and treated.

We want to treat your home completely to get rid of these bed bugs for good. Just a few basic cleaning actions will make the inspection and subsequent treatment that much easier! Simply follow the steps listed below to help ensure the best results from the bed bug service.

Preparation for Bedrooms Prior to Bed Bug Inspection

  • Remove top sheets, bedding materials, and pillows–except the bottom sheet; that should remain on the mattress.
    • Seal bedding materials in plastic trash bags until you can wash or dry them (as described in the next step.)
    • This helps prevent spreading bed bugs to other rooms.
  • All sheets, pillows, and clothes stored under the bed or within a dresser should be washed with soap and hot water.
    • Bed spreads, covers and other items that cannot be washed should be dried in the dryer at high temperature possible for 30 minutes.
    • Please read the washing instructions on clothes to ensure the item will not be damaged.
  • Drapes should be bagged before moving from an infested room.
    • Remove them from the bag and dry them at high temperatures for 30 minutes.
  • Plastic bags should be provided by the homeowner, for when we inspect items stored in nightstands and under the bed.
    • If items are free of infestation, they will be sealed in the bags.
    • Wait at least two weeks before putting items back into the nightstand or under the bed.

Preparation for Inspecting and Treating Other Rooms

Upholstered furniture in other rooms will need to be thoroughly inspected and possibly treated.

  • Any blankets, throw pillows, etc. should be bagged and dried at high temperatures for at least 30 minutes.
  • Use a vacuum to thoroughly clean under cushions and into the cracks under the cushions.
  • Vacuum carpeting and floor thoroughly, especially along the baseboards with a crack and crevice attachment.
  • Dispose of the vacuum bag immediately in a sealed plastic bag in an outdoor trash receptacle.

Bed Bug Inspections and Pets

  • Aquariums should have the air pump disconnected and the top covered by a damp towel.
    • Saltwater tanks may need to be removed from the premises as the air pump cannot be disconnected.
  • Birds, dogs, cats and other pets should be taken to another location until the treatments have dried (usually 2-4 hours).

After Bed Bug Treatment

Stay out of the space until treatments are dry–typically 2-4 hours.

Properly preparing for bed bug treament is essential to ensure the complete control of any bed bug infestation. It may take four weeks (or longer) to gain effective control of bed bugs, so your patience and help are greatly appreciated! If we work together, we can make sure your bed bugs are gone for good.

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Preparing for a Bed Bug Treatment in Las Vegas and Henderson NV

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