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Rat and Mice Exclusion and Treatment

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Pest Control Inc. provides exceptional Rat and Mice Abatement , Exclusion and Control in Las Vegas NV.When left untreated, rats and mice can cause very costly damage to your home or business including your plumbing and electrical wires. Rats and mice are also rapid breeders and known carriers of diseases. Management of these pests can present many challenges. Rat and mice control methods can include a variety of techniques, and each can vary in their effectiveness.

Rats are very smart and resourceful. They can gnaw through cinder block, heavy gauge galvanized caging, aluminum flashing, and sheet metal. They can fit through an opening as small as a golf ball and can fall from heights of 50 feet without getting hurt.

We use advanced methods of rat and mice exclusion.

The most effective treatment is always a combination of exclusionary devices. Because every house is different, we’ll make a custom plan for your exclusion services, using:

  • Wall guards
  • Tree guards
  • X-cluder mesh
  • Traps
  • Rodent bait stations
  • Galvanized cages
  • Vent covers

We clean and disinfect the areas affected by rats and mice.

Unlike some pest control companies who only exclude rodents, we make sure to clean the space during treatment.

We use a HEPA vacuum to get rid of visible droppings. This helps us identify whether the rodents have come back after exclusion, as well as keeping your home clean of any disease-causing materials.

We also use special disinfecting fumigation, a live enzyme that feeds on the bacteria left behind by rodents. After the bacteria is eliminated, the enzyme naturally dies off, disappearing entirely. This is a crucial step to completely eliminate any communicable diseases.

Trapping rats and mice require an in-depth understanding of their behavior.

Rats, like house mice, are active mostly at night. They have poor eyesight, but they make up for this with their keen senses of hearing, smell, taste, and touch.

Rats are constantly exploring and learning. They can memorize the locations of pathways, obstacles, and available food sources, which makes baiting and trapping especially difficult. They will often avoid traps for several days or more following their initial placement.

Are roof rats and Norway rats different when it comes to exclusion?

Norway and roof rats don’t get along. The Norway rat is larger and the more dominant species; it will kill a roof rat in a fight. When the two species occupy the same building, Norway rats may dominate the basement and ground floors, with roof rats occupying the attic or second and third floors. Both species can share some of the same food resources but won’t feed side by side. Rats can grab food and carry it off to feed elsewhere.

The best suggestion for long term control is always to first implement exclusionary control devices to all openings, and then follow up with exterior baiting stations for additional population control.

Choose Pest Control Inc for your rat and mice abatement and exclusion.

When you choose us for your rat and mice abatement treatment, you’ll get a custom rodent control plan, complete treatment, and long-term exclusion traps as well. We offer complete rodent abatement services, and we’ll protect your home! If you’re concerned about rodents in your home, contact Pest Control Inc. today!

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