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Multi-Family Pest Control Services

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Multi-family homes face unique pest control challenges that single-family dwellings don’t often have to consider. Even if most families are meticulously clean, it only takes one family getting bugs for multiple families to get them too! Pests can travel through ventilation systems, windows, and the tiniest cracks in the floors or walls, invading an entire building in a very short time.

Multi-Family Residential Pest Control for Condos and Duplexes in Las Vegas - Pest Control IncPest Control Concerns in Townhouses and Condominiums

Insects are unsightly, can carry germs, and can also do intense structural damage to any building, invading and infesting an entire building in a matter of months. Wood-destroying insects, like carpenter ants and termites, can work tirelessly behind walls and porches, resulting in thousands of dollars in damages.

Some of the most common damage-causing pests include:

  • Carpenter ants
  • Termites
  • Furniture Beetles
  • Woodworms
  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Cockroaches

While some invaders such as termites notoriously cause damage to buildings, other pests such as cockroaches and rodents add to the problem by carrying diseases throughout the building or buildings.

Getting Rid of Pests In Your Multi-Family Community

While there are DIY techniques that can be used against pests or attempt to treat an infestation, these at-home methods typically only provide short-term relief. Over-the-counter pesticides are available at most hardware stores, but these chemicals must be administered with great care, giving consideration to ventilation and safety for the building’s occupants.

The most effective multi-family pest control is achieved by calling a professional exterminator. Not only are pest control professionals trained to safely use pesticides, they also know how to find points of entry, locate nests, and eradicate them completely. When you contact a professional exterminator at the first sign of an infestation, a professional can usually get rid of the invaders before they have a chance to cause damage to the building or its inhabitants.

A licensed exterminator is trained in the safe use of chemicals that are not available for retail purchase by consumers. This means that the insecticides and pesticides used are more powerful for better results, but because they are administered by professionals, they are safe for the occupants of the building.

Professional exterminators are also available on a contractual basis for regular pest treatments, ensuring the pests do not come back. This can make multi-family pest control safer, easier, and more cost-effective in the long-run.

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Multi-Family Pest Control in Las Vegas and Henderson NV

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