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Apartment Pest Control

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Multiple family dwellings can pose unique challenges that single-family dwellings don’t typically have to overcome, especially in regards to pest control management. A large apartment complex can involved multiple types of living habits, making excellent sanitation and hygiene a primary concern and a difficult obstacle.

Apartment Pest Control in Las Vegas - Residential Exterminator by Pest Control Inc in Las Vegas and Henderson NVUnfortunately, if one family has a pest problem, the neighboring apartments can easily inherit the problem, regardless of their own living or cleaning habits. Pests are more than just unsightly; some insects can carry disease-causing germs or even cause significant property damage.

There are some preventative steps that should be taken to avoid the possibility of pest infestations.

Apartment Pest Control Tips

  • Keep the landscape clean, with regular lawn maintenance, mowing, and weed elimination.
  • Eliminate any receptacles that may hold water. If ornamental birdbaths are part of the landscaping, keep the water fresh by changing it regularly.
  • Be aware of structural weaknesses that may allow insects’ entryway into the building, such as cracks or splintered wood.
  • Keep public areas such as lobbies as clean as possible with regular vacuuming and mopping.

Educating Your Occupants About Pest Control

Maintaining perfect apartment pest control is nearly impossible. Even with the most stringent prevention practices, pest invasions can be unpredictable and difficult to manage. There are pests (cockroaches, bedbugs) that can gain entry to a building through visitors or packages, hitch rides in boxes, on clothing, or on furniture. Other pests are experts in finding entry holes, utilizing the smallest of cracks to find food or shelter. And once one apartment has pests, it isn’t long before neighboring apartments have them as well.

Educating all apartment dwellers on the following basic preventative practices is a great first step towards pest control and prevention:

  • Keep all food covered in airtight containers and put away, including pet food.
  • Practice basic good housekeeping habits with regular vacuuming, mopping and changing bed linens.
  • Report any signs of insect infestations to building management immediately.

Contracting with a Professional Pest Exterminator

One of the best investments for an apartment building is a contractual agreement with a professional exterminator. Professional exterminators are trained in all aspects of pest control, from determining how the invaders gained access, to locating areas of infestation, to eliminating them permanently.

Professional exterminators are also trained to use the necessary pesticides in a safe manner, ensuring the maximum safety for all occupants of a multi-family dwelling. Most contracts also include provisions for periodic inspections of the property, making sure that the pests haven’t returned and treating pest issues that may arise from a new pest infestation.

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