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Desert Brown Recluse Spiders

Loxosceles deserta

Actual Size: 0.5 cm – 1.5 cm

Characteristics: Also known as fiddle-backs, reapers, or violin spiders, the desert brown recluse is typically light to dark brown.


  • Desert brown recluses prefer undisturbed, quiet spaces.
  • They are not naturally aggressive, but will bite if cornered, attacked, or otherwise disturbed.
  • The venom of the desert brown recluse can cause necrotic skin lesions, which if left untreated, can cause serious health issues.




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Pest Description


Desert Brown Recluse Behavior

Desert brown recluses prefer to be away from humans and other disturbances, typically spinning webs in dead cacti, wood debris, or abandoned rodent dens. They commonly congregate in large populations, unlike many other venomous spiders. As their environment changes and humans move into their habitat, the desert brown recluse will spin webs in any spot with low-traffic. They do not prefer it, but will live in cinder blocks, outbuildings, and abandoned objects.

Preventing Problems Caused by Brown Recluse Spiders

Desert brown recluse spiders can find their way indoors when they are accidentally transported on towels, bags, clothing, or other physical objects. Once inside, they will try to establish webs in dark and quiet corners, in cardboard boxes, or behind unused shelves. Cluttered basements and attics are also preferred for web-spinning.

This is an issue for human-dwellings, because if the recluses are disturbed, they will bite. Their venom causes necrotic lesions, basically rotting the flesh from the inside out. It’s best to avoid this bite at all costs. Appropriate attention to lifestyle habits can be helpful — frequently checking clothing, storing clothes in plastic bins instead of cardboard, and frequently cleaning closets or other unused spaces. Wearing gloves while cleaning closets, basement, garages, or other outbuildings is wise. Sealing any cracks or utility openings can be helpful as well.

Controlling and Eliminating the Desert Brown Recluse

Desert brown recluse spiders require very specific treatments in order to eliminate their presence. Spiders do not absorb chemicals through their legs, making standard treatment protocols almost completely ineffective. If a desert brown recluse infestation is suspected, it’s best to call a professional pest control expert, who can eliminate present infestations and prevent future problems. At Pest Control Inc, our pest control professionals resolve desert brown spider infestations using a variety of different treatment techniques, including surveillance, dust applications, removal, and exclusion solutions.


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