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Removing Hornets

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Two hornets fighting. Pest Control Inc. serving Henderson NV and Las Vegas NV talks about how to remove hornets.

Although hornets prey on other insects and help pollinate your plants and trees, they are not fun to have around your home. These stinging insects will build nests in eaves, under decks, and other areas where people like to spend time.

While we generally recommend, anyone who has hornets to contact a professional immediately, there are some ways you can remove hornets on your own. Just use extreme caution as these pests are very aggressive.

Remove a single hornet

Sometimes a single hornet can get inside your home either through a crack or broken window screen. You can squish the hornet, but keep in mind, hornets and other wasps emit a chemical when squished that alerts and attracts others when there’s danger.

If you can, use your vacuum and hose attachment to suck up the stinging insect.

Spray the hornet nest

Hornets typically build their nests in small nooks and crannies where they feel protected. This includes under eaves, in attics, or in trees. Once you’ve located the hornet nest, you can use a store-bought product to spray it. Just be sure to spray it in the evening when hornets are less active. After a few days of the nest being completely soaked in insecticide, you can remove it.

Bag and burn the hornet nest

Hornet’s nests on low hanging branches can be cut and bagged. Again, you’ll want to perform this tip at night when the hornets are less active. In addition, you’ll want to wear protective gear to inhibit hornet stings. Place a heavy-duty bag underneath the nest, cut the nest so that it falls into the bag, then fill the bag with insecticide, seal it, and burn it (or dispose of it in another safe manner).

Make a DIY Hornet Trap

There are two different DIY hornets traps you can try: a soda bottle trap and a bucket trap.

  • Soda bottle hornet trap: cut the neck off a 2-liter bottle, flip it upside down and place it back into the bottle to create a funnel. Attach the two halves together, pierce holes into either side of the trap, and use a string to hang it. Fill the trap with a drop of dish soap and 1 cup of apple cider vinegar. Then, hang a small piece of meat inside to help attract the hornets.
  • Bucket hornet trap: place a bucket where you’ve spotted hornets and fill it with vinegar, sugar, water, and dish soap.

Keep in mind with DIY traps, you’ll have to replace the solution regularly to be effective.

Professional Hornet Removal

Hornets and other stinging insects are beneficial to the environment. They feed on insects and pollinate plants. However, hornets are extremely aggressive and will deliver several, very painful stings if they feel their nest is threatened. Not only that, but hornets will alert their nestmates to also attack. So it’s best to contact a professional, like Pest Control Inc. at the first sight of hornets, especially if you’re allergic to them. So give us a call today for a free estimate on your hornet removal service. We provide safe, fast, and effective pest control solutions.

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How to Remove Hornets in Las Vegas and Henderson NV

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