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Pigeon Removal & Control in Las Vegas

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Pigeon Control and Removal in Las Vegas NVPigeons are becoming an increasing problem in Las Vegas and can wreck havoc on your home or busines.  Pest Control Inc has a comprehensive plan for pigeon removal and control including baiting, clean up, and monitoring.

Pigeons carry diseases and parasites like Histoplasmosis, Cryptococcosis, Psittacosis, Toxoplasmosis, mites, ticks, and lice, among others. Pigeon fecal droppings are also a contributing factor to surface deterioration, and can even cause permanent damage to your home.

Homes are attractive to pigeons because they offer many protected areas for nesting and roosting. These areas include under the facia, on and under the roofing tiles, and within or around chimney areas.

We offer a two-week baiting and monitoring service for pigeon removal.

Our comprehensive plan for pigeon removal includes baiting and monitoring for two weeks, to make sure all of the pigeons are completely removed. We use humane pigeon traps to relocate the pigeons found around your home.

We clean and disinfect the exterior of your home during pigeon exclusion.

We will vacuum, clean, and treat any areas that pigeons have roosted in. While vacuuming can remove a lot of the harmful remnants of pigeons, we want to make sure your home is thoroughly disinfected as well. Here is the typical process of cleaning we undertake with every home:

  1. After vacuuming and removing any physical contaminants of the pigeon infestation, we use high-powered pressure washing to fully remove any additional debris.
  2. We then use special disinfectants (Microcide SQ Disinfectant / DIS-SQ8) to make sure all pathogens and diseases are eliminated.
  3. We treat exterior surfaces with Airzyme Waste Digester, an enzyme compound designed to completely clean any remaining remnants of pigeon fecal matter.

We want the exterior of your home to be completely clean of any harmful effects of pigeons.

We offer a whole range of pigeon exclusion methods.

After cleaning and disinfecting, we focus on preventing pigeons from ever returning. We’ll custom design a plan to fully exclude pigeons from your home, and the methods we use can vary from home to home. Here are some of the exclusion methods we can use:

  • Steel spikes
  • Galvanized netting
  • Stealth netting
  • Visual detractants

Not only will we install new obstacles for pigeons, we’ll remove any other ineffective methods previously installed!

We work with your HOA to use approved bird exclusion methods.

We work within state rules and regulations, but we also work within your HOA guidelines to make sure our exclusion services are approved. For instance, plastic spikes aren’t typically allowed by HOAs, so we use galvanized steel spikes. There’s an added benefit: steel spikes can last longer!

Choose Pest Control Inc for Pigeon Abatement, Removal and Exclusion

Our system for pigeon abatement and exclusion is comprehensive and secure. We want to protect your home for years to come, and we use all possible methods of exclusion to make that happen! If you’re dealing with a pigeon infestation, contact Pest Control Inc. today. We would love to schedule your pigeon exclusion today!

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