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All About Bee Swarms

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Why do bees swarm?

Pest Control Inc provides bee removal services, and answers common questions about bee swarms. Serving Las Vegas NV.Bees swarm to start a new colony. When a nest has run out of room to expand, the hive sends out scouts to find new locations for a nest. When a location is found, and the entire nest agrees, the queen will lay eggs for new queens. She then stops laying eggs entirely so she can slim down for the impending flight from the hive. The entire colony prepares for the future move by feeding on nectar, preparing for a long flight without honey reserves.

The phrase “a swarm of bees” has been used to describe a large group of bees attacking, but that’s not technically correct. A “swarm” should only refer to a group of bees leaving a nest to establish a new colony.

How many bees are in a swarm?

Up to 60% of a bee colony! The actual number of bees can range from two or three thousand to 20-30 thousand, depending on the species.

How far do bees swarm?

Bees will spend up to three days finding a new nesting site, but they won’t generally fly more than a couple of hours from their original nest. Their goal is to establish a new hive as quickly as possible.

What should I do if I see a swarm?

If you see a swarm, please do not disturb them. They won’t attack you unless provoked or disturbed, and it’s important that they’re allowed to establish a new hive. It’s best to just leave them alone–they’ll move off in a day or so.

If you can’t wait, call your local beekeeper’s association or a local pest control company that provides ethical bee removal. They can remove the swarm safely.

What do I do if a bee swarm attacks me?

Typically, a bee swarm won’t attack you unless you disturb them. They are focused on finding a new nest and protecting their queen–if you interfere with either of those objectives, they will attack.

If you disturb a swarm, cover your head and neck with clothing if possible. Run as quickly as you can away from the swarm, and don’t swat. Hitting bees will only make them more aggressive and determined to defend their swarm.

After you’ve reached safety, call your local beekeeper’s association, or a pest control company that can remove the bees. Pest Control Inc is happy to provide ethical bee removal services, and we can help!

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Common Questions About Bee Swarms in Las Vegas and Henderson NV

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