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Common Questions About Bed Bug Bites

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Pest Control Inc answers common questions about bed bug bites. We serve all of Las Vegas NV.Although bed bugs are becoming more and more common, correct information about them is hard to find! The key to eliminating these insects is knowledge: knowing about their daily (and nightly) habits can make it that much easier to find and treat bed bug infestations.  Here are some of the most common questions about bed bug bites.

What are bed bug feeding habits?

Bed bugs are attracted to the carbon dioxide and warmth that humans emit, and take advantage of a sleeping host to eat. While typically nocturnal, they will also come out during the day.

Bed bugs use their sharp, straw-like mouths to pierce skin, and an anesthetic numbs the area. They’ll continue to make their way across a host, gorge themselves until full, and then head back to their hiding place after feeding.

Do bed bug bites itch?

You’re unlikely to feel the actual bite, due to anesthetic in a bed bug’s saliva. If you have a physical reaction to a bed bug bite, it can range from mild irritation to significant itching. Bed bug bites are difficult to identify through sight, so it’s wise to keep an open mind: you may have been bitten by something different.

Do bed bugs bite more than once?

Unlike some other insects, yes–bed bugs will bite more than once. This is why bed bug bites sometimes occur in multiples, clumped together in a specific area.

Where do bed bugs bite?

They will bite anywhere, though bed bugs usually prefer a section of uncovered skin. Typical spots include shoulders, neck, arms, and the stomach.

What do bed bug bites look like?

Unfortunately, they look like every other insect bite! There’s no way to identify a bed bug bite by physical appearance.

If you have been bitten by a bed bug, you might see a tiny red dot or a raised bump. You might not see anything at all!

Can you have bed bugs and no bites?

Yes! Not everyone will have a physical reaction to the bed bug’s saliva. It’s not uncommon to have a bed bug problem and not realize it until you see secondary symptoms: discarded bed bug skins, excrement, or eggs.

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Common Questions About Bed Bug Bites in Las Vegas and Henderson NV

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