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Do Ants Contaminate Food?

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Do ants contaminate food? Pest Control Inc ant extermination in Las Vegas NV

When there are ants in your home, you might be concerned whether or not they will contaminate your food. And because they can access every nook and cranny in your property, it’s a reasonable concern to have. While not as serious as the risk posed by other pests, ants are capable of carrying bacterial and disease-causing organisms that can possibly contaminate food. Sugar ants in particular are capable of causing infection because they are attracted to the sugary, greasy foods in your pantry. In rare cases, E. coli, Streptococcus, Shigella, Salmonella, and Staphylococcus have been found on ants. Learning about ant prevention tips and using professional services can help ensure your food is not contaminated by ants.

Do Ants Carry Diseases?

In addition to being a nuisance in your home, ants may pose a health risk.When ants move around your home, they are picking up germs and bacteria along the way. So although they don’t directly bear any disease-causing germs, they can still be carriers of bacterial and fungal organisms that can contaminate your food or utensils. Some of these germs include:

  • E. coli, Shigella, and Salmonella: Especially when they have infested your bathroom or garbage cans, ants can pick up these dangerous germs and spread them. Although they very rarely carry salmonella, If you come into contact with these germs, you may be exposed to a number of food-borne health issues.
  • Staphylococcus, Clostridium, and Streptococcus: Sugar ants and Pharaoh ants have reportedly transmit these germs that are typically found in feces. It’s important to note that although pharaoh ants have the ability to bite people, they don’t transmit diseases through biting.

How Do I Stop Ants From Contaminating Food?

Even though ants rarely pose a health risk, it is nonetheless important to consider them as potential disease-carries and not just a household annoyance. In order to avoid dealing with any germs carried by ants, you must eliminate their sources of survival altogether! Ant infestations can be controlled by preventing them in the first place. Some tips to keep ants out of your food and home include:

  • Storing food in sealed containers.
  • Cleaning up used dishware promptly.
  • Disposing of food crumbs on counter tops and floors.
  • Always putting food away when you’re finished with it.
  • Removing sources of moisture.
  • Throwing away leftover pet food at the end of each day.

Getting Professional Ant Control Help

If you’re worried about food contamination by ants, you may be hesitant about risky or unreliable at-home methods for ant extermination. If your ant infestation has exceeded your ability to rid of them yourself, it’s time to call a professional. The professionals at Pest Control Inc. have the years of experience required to properly and thoroughly exterminate ants in your home. To ensure the ants in your home don’t contaminate your food, give us a call to learn about our ant removal and control services.

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Do Ants Contaminate Food? in Las Vegas and Henderson NV

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