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How to Treat a Scorpion Infestation

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Scorpions are one of the most fearsome looking pests. With their agile bodies, 8 legs, and curved tail, ready to strike it’s easy to see why. Unfortunately with our warm, unique Las Vegas climate, scorpions are a common pest for homeowners. Keep reading to learn about the common scorpion species in our area and how to treat an infestation.

Types of Scorpions in Las Vegas

There are around 70 species of scorpions in the United States. Here in Las Vegas, you’re most likely to encounter 3 species. Those include:

  • Bark scorpion: bark scorpions are generally tan to yellow in color and often blend in with the desert. They are the most venomous scorpion species.
  • Desert hairy scorpion: the desert hairy scorpion is typically yellow with a dark top and larger than most other scorpions. As its name suggests, it has fine hairs over its body.
  • Striped tail scorpion: striped tail scorpions have striped tails that are proportionate to their bodies.

Behaviors of Scorpions

Scorpions are nocturnal creatures that thrive in warm and dry environments. Their stings can be deadly and their colonies can grow into the thousands. As they forage for food in your home, they may hide out in your shoes, clothing, cabinets, and boxes.

Scorpions tend to become fluorescent under ultraviolet lights, such as blacklights so that’s a common way to detect these nocturnal creatures.

How Do You Treat a Scorpion Infestation?

No one wants to share a home with pests, especially scorpions. These small arachnids produce painful stings that can be deadly if left untreated. If you notice signs of a possible scorpion infestation, you’ll want to contact a pest control company in your area immediately. Not only can one scorpion give birth to up to 100 babies but they also don’t respond well to just any pest control treatment. Pest control companies are very knowledgeable about pests in your area. Some even have entomologists on staff. They will inspect your home, locate the infestation, and remove it. Furthermore, they’ll look at vulnerable areas that may be causing the infestation and offer ways to fix them so you don’t experience another infestation. This can include sealing cracks, eliminating standing water, removing decomposing leaves, etc.

Scorpion Removal in Las Vegas NV

We hope this article helps as you work to protect your home against scorpions. If you need scorpion removal for your Las Vegas area home turn to Pest Control Inc. We’ve been providing safe and environmentally conscious pest control services in the Las Vegas and Henderson Nevada area for over 20 years. When you work with us, you’ll have peace of mind that your property is protected because we offer a guarantee with our service.

How to Treat a Scorpion Infestation in Las Vegas and Henderson NV

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