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What Happens to Grasshoppers in Winter?

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Green grasshopper on a plant. Pest Control Inc talks about how grasshoppers survive winter in Las Vegas NV.

The massive grasshopper invasion in Las Vegas made national headlines over the summer. Swarms of grasshoppers were caught on camera taking flight over popular hotels, gathering on city sidewalks, and the insects were even detected on The National Weather Service’s weather radar showing up like a rainstorm.

They stopped in Vegas during their migration because of the city’s unusually wet weather. Meteorologists say Las Vegas saw more rain in six months that it typically does in an entire year! The insects are long gone now, but what happened to them?

A Little About Grasshoppers

There are over 11,000 different types of grasshoppers across the world. They come in a variety of colors including brown, gray, and green. And they can live in different climates and habitats from forests and meadows to deserts and tropical rainforests.

Grasshoppers Overwinter

Most grasshoppers overwinter as eggs, especially in areas with harsh winters. The female grasshopper will lay her eggs beneath a soil surface using what’s called an ovipositor that essentially digs into the soil. Then she buries them. This way during winter, her eggs will stay warm.

Grasshoppers go through three stages. From egg to nymph to adult. If a grasshopper is a nymph living through winter, it will find a warm spot to stay, and typically won’t come out until the weather is warm again.

In areas with warm, mild winters, grasshoppers are more active because of the warm temperatures and the fact that there are more plants to feed off of. In these warmer climates, grasshoppers can easily survive winters as eggs, nymphs or adults.

Are Grasshoppers Dangerous?

No. Grasshoppers don’t bite or carry diseases. They may be a nuisance to some farmers though because they’ll invade their crops and feed on their plants. However, despite the crop damage they can do, grasshoppers are beneficial to the ecosystem and the environment. That’s why it’s important to contact a professional pest control company if you’re having a grasshopper infestation. They know how to properly and safely remove the pest from your property.

What Happens to Grasshoppers in Winter? in Las Vegas and Henderson NV

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