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Signs You Have Roof Rats

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Roof rats, also known as ship rats, and black rats, are a common pest in the Las Vegas area, especially in fall as they seek shelter. However, because these pests are nocturnal and great at hiding, you may not always know when you have an infestation.

Fortunately, Pest Control Inc. is here for you. Below are some indicators of a roof rat infestation.

Rat Droppings

Roof rats leave their droppings nearly everywhere they go, but especially in areas near food. To determine if you have roof rats or another rodent, inspect the droppings. Roof rat droppings typically measure around ½” and have pointed ends whereas mouse droppings are around ¼” in size. Norway rats which are larger than roof rats have droppings that measure around ¾” with blunt ends.

Unpleasant Odors

In addition to defecating, roof rats also urinate a lot and it’s quite pungent. If you’ve suddenly started picking up unpleasant odors around your home, a rat infestation could be the source.

Damaged Goods

One of the biggest reasons why roof rats invade homes is to find food. When the temperatures start to drop and food becomes scarce, rats will look to homes for their warm shelter and constant supply of food. These pests are known for chewing up cardboard boxes and other containers with their strong teeth just to get to the good stuff. If you see any damaged food containers in your home, they are dangerous to consume. You’ll want to throw it out immediately, wipe down those nearby surfaces, and contact your local pest control company.

Signs of Gnawing

In addition to food, roof rats will also chew nearly anything in sight. This is because their teeth never stop growing, so they’re constantly teething. Look for gnaw marks on cardboard boxes, newspapers, insulation, and wooden items. They may have chewed these up to make nest materials. Roof rats and other rodents are also known to gnaw on electrical wires which can cause short circuits and lead to electrical fires.

Grease Rub Marks

Roof rats and other rodents have greasy fur that leaves marks on anything they rub against. Inspect your baseboards. Rodents run along closely against baseboards and walls, especially when they’re in a new area. You rarely see them out in the open. If the rub marks are about 3” from the floor, they’re likely caused by rats. If they’re an inch from the floor, you likely have mice.


Hearing unusual noises, like rustling or scratching sounds coming from your attic, basement, or even within your walls? It may very likely be from rodents. Rats love cluttered and secluded areas like these because it provides them a sense of security.

Roof Rat Pest Control

October 18-24 2020 is “Rodent Awareness Week” as declared by The National Pest Management Association. It’s an appropriate time too because autumn is a time of year when rodents, including roof rats, are more active than ever.

Whether you have a current roof rat infestation or want professional help protecting your home against these disgusting pests, give us a call. We provide effective and environmentally-friendly pest control in the Las Vegas NV area.

Signs You Have Roof Rats in Las Vegas and Henderson NV

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