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Signs You Have Roof Rats in Your Home

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Roof rat on the street. Pest Control Inc. talks about the signs you have roof rats in your Las Vegas home.If you’ve been hearing eerie scurrying or scratching noises coming from your attic, you may have a roof rat problem. Roof rats aren’t a sign that you’re untidy, they’re just a byproduct of living in Las Vegas. In fact, the city has been experiencing an increase in these little pests and it shows no signs of stopping.

What do Roof Rats Look Like?

Roof rats, also known as black rats and ship rats are small rodents, commonly light gray in color and no longer than 7 inches long, not including their tail. They are slender, and their ears are longer. Roof rats love to eat nuts, seeds, and all types of citrus. Roof rats prefer to nest in high places including trees and attics and they’re nocturnal, which means they’re more active at night.

Signs You Have a Roof Rat Infestation

  • Sounds in your attic or walls
  • Gnaw marks on your insulation, upholstery, door frames, and other materials
  • Rat droppings
  • Rat nests
  • Roof rat sightings in trees, power lines, etc.
  • Tree damage
  • Hollowed out citrus fruits
  • Damaged electrical wires

Are Roof Rats Dangerous?

Roof rats can carry fleas and spread diseases like Hantavirus and Salmonella through physical contact, bites, through their droppings, or by the fleas feeding on them. Roof rats can also cause damage to your home and belongings by chewing or contaminating them with their urine or droppings.

How Do Roof Rats Get Into Your Home?

Roof rats can squeeze into the smallest of spaces. So they can enter your home through window sills, cracks in your foundation, and more. They can also gain access underneath your garage door or entryway door if there’s a large enough gap. Roof rats are also fearless climbers. They can survive a fall of up to 50 feet! They will travel along power lines, tree branches, and your roof to find food or escape from predators.

Experts in Roof Rat Removal

Having a roof rat infestation is quite unsettling and preventing them can be hard because there are so many potential entry points roof rats could use to gain access. If you’re experiencing a roof rat problem in your Las Vegas home, contact Pest Control Inc. Our highly-skilled technicians will come to your home and eliminate your roof rat problem for good. We’ll also locate any potential entry points, and seal them to ensure you don’t have to deal with roof rats again. So contact us today for professional roof rat removal!

If you’d like to learn more about roof rats, take a look at our roof rat informational page.

Signs You Have Roof Rats in Your Home in Las Vegas and Henderson NV

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