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What Are Signs You Have Rats or Mice in Your Home?

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What are signs Signs You Have Rats or Mice? Pest Control Inc Rat and Mice Control Service and Exterminators in Las Vegas NV

Having rats and mice in your home isn’t just a nuisance—they can cause a lot of damage and are carriers of diseases. A rat or mouse infestation is a worrisome event for any homeowner. If you’re wondering if there are rats and/or mice in your home or on your property, there are a number of signs to look for. Droppings, gnaw marks, rat holes or nests, noises, runways or tracks, foul odor, and even odd pet behavior are the signs most indicative of rodents inside your property. Knowing what attracts mice and rats inside your home is essential if you want to avoid an infestation.

What Are the Telltale Signs of Mice and Rats?

It is pretty easy to tell when your home has been invaded by rats or mice, as they aren’t subtle creatures. There are many things that signal you likely have rodents in your property, including:

  • Droppings: Not only are mice and rat droppings gross and odorous, but they can also spread diseases and can be a safety hazard. They typically resemble small brown grains of rice and vary in size based on the species.
  • Gnaw marks: Rats and mice are constantly gnawing to wear things down. Marks can be found on wires, boxes, furniture, insulation, or anything wooden.
  • Holes and nests: Rats and mice dig extensive burrowing systems and also shred any material available to create nests.
  • Noises: It may go without saying, but hearing gnawing or scampering noises is a clear sign you have mice or rats.
  • Runways or tracks: Although this is harder to notice, rodents run in specific tracks or runways that may leave behind footprints or other signs..
  • Foul odor: A stale smell that you can’t explain or foul odor from droppings and urine are big indicators of an active infestation.
  • Odd pet behavior: If pets sense the presence of rats or mice in the home, they will likely exhibit strange behavior and try to seek out the rodents.

What Attracts Mice and Rats to My Property?

There are many variables that can contribute to rats and mice being attracted to your home:

  1. Rodents are mammals and thus need to seek warmth in colder months, making your house the perfect environment.
  2. A messy property is a haven for mice and rats once they make their way inside.
  3. Wood piles, gardens, and other debris welcome rats and mice to the area surrounding your home.
  4. Food left out or leftover pet food likely attracts rodents. They may even make their way inside your trash cans for meals.
  5. Any disturbance to their outside environment could force mice and rats to seek more secure swelling spaces.

Professional Help for Controlling a Rat or Mouse Infestation

You’ve seen all the signs of rodents inside your home and may have even spotted a live one or two scampering along your floorboard. It’s time to call in a professional. Getting rid of rodents isn’t easy and needs to be dealt with experienced professionals. The technicians at Pest Control Inc. will apply a number of extermination methods in treating your rat infestation, including trapping, monitoring, and exclusion techniques. For more information on our comprehensive rat and mouse control processes, give us a call for a free estimate today!

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Signs You Have Rats or Mice in Your Home in Las Vegas and Henderson NV

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