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Actual Size: 6-7.5 inches in heightCharacteristics: Usually blue, with curved wings. They typically weigh under an ounce.


  • Swallows are fast and agile fliers.
  • They feed primarily on insects.
  • These birds are highly social, and have specific calling patterns.
  • Swallows are federally protected migratory birds, and it is illegal to harm, kill, or interfere with their environment.



Pest Description

Swallow Behavior

Most swallows are migratory, and unlike many other birds, prefer to return to the same nest, year after year. Their nests are typically made of mud, and built under the eaves of man-made structures. They do particularly well in open structures that allow access to the outside, such as barns and stables. Swallows prefer to nest near water, and urban populations have increased in the last few years. Swallows have distinct calling patterns and are highly sociable, congregating in large groups after mating season.

Problems Caused by Swallows

Mud nests can be unsightly and cause significant damage to buildings. Swallows, like many other bird species, can carry significant health risks. Various bacteria, viruses, and parasites can be carried by swallows, and when nests are constructed beside or on human dwellings, these can be passed to humans.

Eliminating and Controlling Swallow Populations

The biggest concern when dealing with sparrows is their legally protected status. It is illegal, under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, to interfere, relocate, sell, or otherwise harm this class of birds. It’s best to call a bird control expert when any bird has become a problem. An expert can identify the type of bird, understand any laws or regulations that need to be followed, and tailor a specific bird control plan to the individual situation. At Pest Control Inc, we use a variety of different treatment techniques, including surveillance, baiting, and exclusion solutions.

In addition to residential bird removal, we also provide bird removal services for businesses.


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