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Hotel Pest Control

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The hospitality industry is one of the most competitive in the world. A bug or a rodent can cause serious damage to a hotel’s ratings, and pest control should be an important consideration for any hospitality property. With many hotels having restaurants and bars on the premises, practicing effective hotel pest control can be a challenge.

Hotel Pest Control - Commercial Exterminator Services for Hotels and Motels in Las Vegas and Henderson NV by Pest Control Inc.When hotel guests see a pest of any kind, they begin to wonder about the general cleanliness of the hotel. Spiders and cockroaches have no place in a hotel room or restaurant! Bed bugs are another pest that can wreak havoc on a hotel’s reputation, appearing and infesting overnight, in some cases!

Unless proper pest control management is exercised, and appropriate prevention and treatment overseen, pest control can be a significant challenge. Most hotel properties choose to work with a professional pest extermination company, ensuring the health and safety of the building, its guests, and the reputation of an establishment. Pest Control Inc. has certified professionals that are experienced working with hotels, and know the importance of being discrete.

Professional Hotel Pest Exterminators

Professional exterminators are trained in all aspects of hotel pest control for all types of pests and rodents including:

  • Pest Prevention 
  • Pest Treatment and Elimination
  • Pest Maintenance

When contracting with an exterminator, the first step is an initial inspection of the premises. During this process the pest control professional will examine all areas of the building, checking for possible infestations that may have already occurred and identifying areas that have the potential for becoming infested. Depending on the outcome of the initial inspection, the professional exterminator will then recommend a course of action, ridding the premises of any pest problems, and fixing any potential pest issues. As part of the contracted service with Pest Control Inc, additional inspections and treatments will then be carried out on a defined regular basis, conserving your hotel’s reputation, sanitation, and guest happiness.

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Hotel Pest Control in Las Vegas and Henderson NV

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