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Are Pigeons Causing Damage to Your Las Vegas Home?

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Flock of pigeons on a car. Pest Control Inc talks about the damage pigeons can cause to homeowners in the Las Vegas area.

Pigeons are frequent in the Las Vegas area. You may see them under bridges, on sidewalks, and even the roof of your home. If you’re wondering if that could pose a possible issue, it can. These birds will not only create an unsightly mess, but they can also wreak havoc on your home. Read more to learn the ways pigeons can significantly damage your home and what you can do to deter them.

Problems Caused by Pigeons

Roof Damage

Pigeon droppings are very acidic. If you have a lot of pigeon droppings on your home that has accumulated over time, the droppings will start to eat into your roof material, especially if it’s tar-based. This can lead to leaks, or even worse, a collapse.

Weakened Ceiling

Pigeons prefer to live, or roost, in areas that are away from the harsh elements. This includes attics. If a pigeon sets up a home in your attic a lot of waste can accumulate. If the droppings become too heavy it can cause your ceiling to weaken and eventually collapse.

Fire Risks

Pigeon nests are extremely flammable because of the materials they are made out of: twigs, straw, and droppings. If a pigeon has built a nest inside any machinery around your property, you run the risk of a fire. We recommend inspecting an machinery and electrical components around your home if you’ve seen a lot of pigeons in the area recently.

Damage to Ventilation Systems

Pigeons also like to build their nests in chimneys which can be incredibly dangerous because if the airflow is blocked, you run the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Another area to look for nests are in your ventilation system. Pigeons are carriers of many viruses and diseases including salmonella, encephalitis, and toxoplasmosis. They also carry various parasites including lice, fleas, and ticks. So it’s important to keep them away from your family so no diseases or parasites spread to your home. If you’d like to learn the other diseases pigeons can carry, take a look at our informational pigeon page. There you’ll also learn about their characteristics, behaviors, and prevention tips.

Car Damage

Another area to be concerned with is your vehicle. As previously mentioned, pigeon droppings are naturally acidic. These droppings can eat away at the protective coating on your car and the paint itself. So you may consider washing your care frequently if you have pigeons near you.

Professional Pest Control

If pigeons have created nests in your home, it may be time to contact the professionals. Pigeons can be territorial and therefore aggressive. At Pest Control Inc. we use a variety of pest control techniques, including surveillance and baiting. We’ll inspect your home and find a solution to your pest problem quickly and effectively. So contact us today for your pest control needs.

Are Pigeons Causing Damage to Your Las Vegas Home? in Las Vegas and Henderson NV

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